Frequently Asked Questions

About our packages

How do your packages work?
Good question! Our packages are semi-independent - that means you book your flights, we book your hotel, airport transfers and activities/ day tours.

Using the Tripovo website, you choose which hotel to stay in, which day tours to take and in what order, and whether you want to include airport transfers or not. It’s a sort of pick’n’mix concept, giving you the flexibility to customise your own trip, whilst having the support of a travel agency in case you need it.

Once you’ve booked online, we’ll send you the travel e-vouchers by email. You’ll be travelling independently, with no tour guide leading you, so you’ll need to follow the information given to you on your travel vouchers.

Can I customise the itineraries?
That’s the point! At Tripovo, we know that every traveller is different. Once you select a package, you can change your hotel, add or remove activities and decide what order you want to do things - complete freedom!

Is this a group tour?
No, our packages aren’t group tours. There won’t be anyone following you around to help you get from point A to point B, but you’ll have all the information you’ll need on your travel vouchers to enjoy your holiday.

Are the packages on a private basis?
The majority of our day tours are on a shared/ seat in coach basis - that means that each day tour you’ll join is run by a local operator and you’ll share the tour with people from many other countries.

Are flights included in your packages?
No, our packages don’t include flights and are ground-arrangements only. That means you can grab the cheapest deals you can find on the internet and fit our packages around your dates.

Do I need to be a Malaysian to book your packages?
No need - as our holidays are ground-arrangements only, you can arrive from any country.

What if the activity I want isn’t available on the day I want it?
Some of our day tours may only operate on specific days - try adding the activity to another day, or swapping the order around.

If it still isn’t available, it may be that unfortunately it is fully booked. Still, you can browse through our list of activities to find something else that appeals.

Are meals included?
Generally, meals are not included.

It’s up to you whether you want to select a room rate with breakfast at your hotel. On some day tours, meals will be included or offered as an option - this varies from day tour to tour, but is always mentioned under the ‘Includes’ section for the activity.

Can you cater for halal meals?
Unfortunately at this moment we cannot offer halal meals. Keep checking back though and perhaps soon we’ll be able to.

Do you take group bookings or MICE enquiries?
Sorry, at the moment only independent travellers can book on Tripovo.

What if you don’t offer a destination I want to visit?
We’re constantly working behind the scenes to add more locations, so watch out for new countries!

About booking and payment

What modes of payment do you currently accept?
We currently accept credit card only (Visa & Mastercard), but will soon accept other modes of payment, such as bank transfer and Maybank2u.

Why is the price of my package different to last time?
All of our prices are live rates given directly from the hotels and activity providers. They change based on availability, season and time until travel. This ensures that you always get the latest and best rates for each activity and hotel. We also use live currency rates.

Why can’t I see the individual prices for hotels, transfers & activities?
We don’t break down the individual prices for hotels, day tours and transfers as by booking them together we can give you a better price.

Once I press ‘Book Now’, what happens?
You’ll receive your e-vouchers within a few minutes of the payment being confirmed - check your emails (and your spam folder!) for an email from us. Simply print out the vouchers and you’re all set for your holiday. If you don’t receive any email from us within 24 hours, please get in touch and we can re-send them.

What does it mean if it says my booking is pending?
Normally we're able to confirm each item instantly. However, if you receive a message saying that your booking is pending, it means that your payment has been accepted but in this case our partners require a little more info which we will provide before we can send you the travel vouchers. This is so we can ensure that your trip goes extra smoothly. It normally takes us a day (two at most) to send your vouchers.

What do I need to do with the vouchers?
All your travel vouchers are e-vouchers. Print these out and take them along with you - you may need to show them to your hotel, day tour and transfer operators. You’ll also find their contact details on the voucher, so if you need to get in touch with them to, e.g. change your pickup point whilst you are away, you can give them a call.

What happens if I want a refund or need to change my plans?
A cancellation deadline will be displayed on our booking page - so long as you change your mind before then and inform us then there will be no cancellation charges. Change requests depend on the individual items booked and may incur additional charges.

While on holiday

Is there someone with me the whole way?
Our tours are on a semi-private basis. What that means is you need to be comfortable being independent - there will be no-one accompanying you the whole way on your tour, telling you what time to meet and how to get around the airport. We think that’s a bonus, as it gives you more freedom to experience the place for yourself!

Tripovo books your hotel, day tours and transfers according to what you choose when you personalise your itinerary. It’s up to you to find your way around, with guidance from the information on our travel vouchers, of course.

How do I find my way around?
On your travel vouchers, we’ll give you information like your hotel location, as well as the location of where your day tour starts. Your hotel should also be able to help give you advice about how to get around the city.

What happens if I’m away and have a problem?
If you have a problem, the first person you should contact is the local supplier that is affected, whether it is the hotel, the transportation company, or on a day tour. If the problem remains unsolved, then please contact us on our emergency number - this will be given on your travel vouchers and is available 24/7.