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About Busan

The Dynamic yet Underrated City of Korea

Probably South Korea's most underrated city, Busan is a charm for whoever uncovers its beauty. Rich with rocky mountains that the elderly walks through every day, it is no wonder that the settlers in Busan are the healthiest among Koreans. Mountain climbing and hiking trails are what easily draw tourists in Busan, but besides from its natural terrains, Busan boasts one of the purest form of Korean culture unseen elsewhere. Feel total zen in the famed Beomeosa temple where tourists needed to hike to see its glamour. As the saying goes, if it is worth having (seeing), it is worth waiting for. Busan is also a city flourishing with infrastructure, certainly not as advanced as Seoul, but Busan's Gwangan Bridge and port will definitely walk the talk.

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Things to see and do

Haeundae Beach
Take a dip on Busan's Haeundae Beach during the summer
Igidae Coastal Trail
Enjoy a trail of Igidae Coastal and enjoy the scenic view
UN Memorial Cemetery
The UN Memorial contains the most significant and recent pieces of history.
Beomeosa Temple
Climb all the way to the top of a mountain to see the big and beautiful Beomeosa Temple
Gamcheon Bridge
Enjoy the beauty of this mega structure, Gamcheon as you stroll Gwangalli beach.

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