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The heart of Europe

Belgium is a strange place - a bilingual country of French and Flemish, that has an invisible divide between the two with Wallonia, the French side covering the south of the country, and Flanders the north. This divide only serves to make the country more interesting though!

Visit Brussels, the capital of the country, and a compact city at just over a million residents. Despite its small size, there's still plenty to see and do, from exploring the surreal art museums to wandering the old town and marvelling at the ornate Grand Place, the town square. 

Bruges is an unmissable town, one that is frequently wrapped up in mists from the canals that surround the centre, and its fairytale beauty will enchant you as much as the chocolate shops will entice you.

Antwerp is the country's second largest city and one known for being the centre of the diamond trade, as well as for its streets being lined with swanky designer boutiques. 

Above all, though, Belgium is unpretentious and even if you've just come for the food - the fries, waffles, mussels, chocolates, and the delicious Belgian beer - you won't be disappointed.

  • The European Commission in Brussels

    The European Commission in Brussels Source

  • Belgian beers

    Belgian beers Source

  • Ghent's Graslei

    Ghent's Graslei Source

  • The Grand Place of Brussels

    The Grand Place of Brussels Source

  • Mussels, a Belgian speciality

    Mussels, a Belgian speciality Source

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