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About Vienna

An imperial capital.

Vienna was the heart of the Habsburg Empire for over 500 years and you can feel the history that seeps out from the elegant boulevards, opulent palaces and grand buildings at every corner. A city that has its famous afternoon coffee and cake time designated as a UNESCO intangible heritage can only offer good things!

For art lovers, Vienna's got you covered, with the exquisite Belvedere Palace - just as sensational outside as inside! Here, you'll find the world's largest collection of Gustav Klimt artworks. Or you could visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum, a museum dedicated to art in central Vienna itself, housing paintings by Rembrandt, Titian, Tintoretto, Raphael and Velazquez, amongst many others.

For classical music lovers, Vienna was the home of Strauss, Mozart and Beethoven, and nothing beats heading to one of the palaces to listen to their work being played by world-class musicians.

And for food lovers, Vienna's heaven too, from the decadent chocolate cake, sachertorte, to tasty veal cutlets, wiener schnitzel, to apple strudel - and it's one of the few cities in Europe to have vineyards in its suburbs, too!

  • Schonbrunn Palace

    Schonbrunn Palace Source

  • The Belvedere

    The Belvedere Source

  • Take in a classical music concert

    Take in a classical music concert

  • The splendid interior of the Kunsthistorische Museum

    The splendid interior of the Kunsthistorische Museum Source

  • The Spanish Riding School

    The Spanish Riding School Source

Things to see and do

Schonbrunn Palace
Admire the opulent interiors and beautiful gardens of the Schonbrunn Palace.
Exploring the Belvedere could easily take more than a day, with palace state apartments and art works to be seen.
You have to try this decadent cake whilst in Vienna - and why not at the Sacher Hotel, its origin?

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